Mechanical processing production

Mechanical processing production

Process of surface treatment of a material by the method of layer-by-layer metal removal.

Purpose: fabrication operation of parts by machining, including parts of a complex profile, high infallibility and high quality of machined surfaces.


Cylindrical grinder KAAST RC-Grind 1050

For external and internal grinding of cylindrical and tapered surfaces.

Knee and column milling machine FSS-400

It is used for machining parts made of steel, cast iron and light metals with high-speed steel tools and carbide tools.

High precision vertical milling machining center HAAS VM-3

It is high-performance VMC that provide the accuracy, rigidity, and thermal stability required for mold making, tool & die work, and other high-precision industries.

Special grinding machine BDLZ-18

It is used for grinding the inner sphere of the outer rings of bearings

Horizontal machining center IR800PMF4

It is used for processing particularly complex body parts. Drilling, core drilling, boring, milling, threading with cutters and taps are performed on the machine.

Universal turning machine TNA300

It is used for the manufacture of molds, tools and prototypes in small batch, medium batch and large batch production with process monitoring, automated material flow and etc.

Multispindle turning machine Gildemeister GM-20

It is used for manufacturing large-scale simple and complex turned parts production with an outside diameter of up to 20 mm with high precision results.

Horizontal boring machine Union BFT90 /3-1

Horizontal boring machine is used for roughing out large components: drilling, core drilling, boring, milling, expansion of openings, boring of openings and etc.

Double Column vertical turning lathe boring machine 1525F1

It is used to perform almost all types of turning of heavy workpieces made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a diameter of up to 2500 mm and a height of up to 1600 mm.

Die sinking electric discharge machining Agie Charmilles Form 20

It is used for processing molds and tools from conductive materials of any hardness (for example, steel or titanium) with an accuracy of 1 micron without mechanical impact by graphite electrodes.

Universal die sinking electric discharge machining 4Е723

It is used for manufacturing volumetric parts such as dies and molds, machining holes of various configurations in parts from conductive materials, both from ordinary structural and difficult to process type stainless steels and etc.

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