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Pribor” plant owns manufacturing capacity which allows the company to produce metal parts and assemblies of any complexity in the field of high precision metalworks.

Today the plant manufactures metal parts and assemblies for aircraft and gas turbine engines; steel monoblock cases with locking mechanism and built-in cable for sealing railway cars and containers in order to prevent unauthorized entry.

High quality materials from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys certified according to the standards of the European Union and Russian Federation are used in the manufacturing process.

To ensure the production of high-quality products that best meet the requirements of domestic and international standards, the company has a quality management system based on ISO 9001: 2015 (all-Union State Standard P ISO 9001-2015), AS/EN 9100C (all-Union State Standard P EN 9100-2011) and all-Union State Standard PB 0015-002-2012.

Mastering new and improving existing design and production technologies; modernization, technical reequipment and large-scale renovation of equipment and production facilities - all this allows the plant to increase production volumes and develop new types of products in a relatively short time.

Many years of experience in the market, a powerful material and technical base, an innovative focus on production, high professionalism of the company's employees serve as the basis for high quality products and mutually beneficial cooperation.

More about our manufactures

Blank production

Work type:
  • bar material cutting;
  • pattern cutting;
  • section material cutting.
  • band sawing machine Julihuang H40/70;
  • circular cutoff machine 8Г663-100;
  • hack sawing machine 8A726;
  • semi-automatic abrasive cutting machines 8Г240;
  • Guillotine hydraulic shears QC12Y-6x2500;
  • combined shearing machine H513;
  • shears ND 3314G and others.

Cold forming production

  • cold forming presses with a press tonnage from 6.3 to 100 tpd;
  • hydraulic presses;
  • single-crank presses;
  • sheet bending presses.

Hot forming production

Work type:
  • volume hot forming.
  • hot forming presses with a press tonnage from 400 to 2300 tpd PSS480, F1736, etc.;
  • single-crank presses with a press tonnage from 160 tpd KG2132.

Mechanical processing production

Work type:
  • part processing such as rotary bodies;
  • milling cut;
  • drilling;
  • coordinate boring works;
  • grinding works (surface grinding, circular grinding, internal grinding);
  • electrical discharge machining.
  • sliding-and-screw-cutting lathe SAMAT 400, TUD 40, SUI-40/1000, TRENS 50C / 1000, TRENS SN32 / 750, SV-18RA-1000, etc.;
  • surface lathes РT-539, etc.;
  • turning lathes: TRAUB TNA-300, ЕЕN320, 1325Ф30, 16Б16Т1С1, SAMAT 16516Т1, 16К20RFС32, 16А20ТF3, 16М30F31, TPK-125АI etc.;
  • capstan lathes with CNC 1V340F30, etc.;
  • vertical turning lathes 1512F1.423, 1L532F1, etc.;
  • milling machines (universal toolroom milling machines, knee-and-column milling machines) 675P, 676, 6M76P, 6M76P-1, TW-mill 4.1, FSS400, FNK25, FU315 2/PS, FU400/V2, XL 6336, ВM127, etc.;
  • CNC milling machines – IR 8008520/PM1Ф4, 6T13Ф3-1, Mikron WF3, KFPA-250-112-H2, etc.;
  • drilling machines (radial drilling machines, vertical drilling machines , bench machines, universal machines);
  • boring machines (horizontal boring machines, vertical boring machines, drilling boring machines, coordinate boring machines);
  • grinding machines (circular grinding machines, surface grinding machines, internal grinding machines) BDLZ-18HP, RC-grind 1050, ZU10MAF10, ZD711VF11-28, 3E711V, etc.;
  • CNC production centers HAAS VF1, etc.;
  • electrical discharge machining of parts.

Assembly operation

Work type:
  • locksmithing and mechanical working;
  • fitter's work;
  • pre-operation of products for welding;
  • arc welding, carbon dioxide welding, argon arc welding.

Tool production

  • park of universal metal-cutting machine tools and narrow-profile equipment;
  • treaters for high frequency currents.

Thermal and thermochemical processing

  • electrically heated furnaces;
  • chamber electric furnaces;
  • vacuum electric furnace SEKO / WARWICK (max t = 1320°С);
  • gas carburizing furnace;
  • electrically-heated car-type furnace СДО 30.30.20 / 7 (for annealing large-sized welded structures).

Production of galvanic and paint-and-lacquer coatings

Work type:
  • chromium coating of parts made of carbon and corrosion-resistant steels;
  • chemical oxide phosphatization of parts made of steel and aluminum alloys;
  • chemical oxidation of steel parts;
  • chemical nickel plating of parts made of steel and copper alloys;
  • nickel plating of parts from titanium alloys;
  • cadmium-plating of parts from carbon and corrosion-resistant steels, copper and its alloys (the process uses safe, non-cyanide electrolyte);
  • chemical passivation of parts made of corrosion-resistant steel;
  • silvering of parts from corrosion-resistant steels and copper alloys;
  • galvanizing of steel parts;
  • copper plating of parts made of carbon and corrosion-resistant steels, copper and its alloys;
  • anodic oxidation of parts from aluminum and its alloys;
  • antifriction coating based on graphite C-1 by electrophoresis;
  • cold etching of parts from titanium alloys;
  • etching of aluminum alloy parts;
  • electro-chemical degreasing of parts made of steel and copper alloys;
  • application of paint coatings, including CPC powder coating.

Metallographic laboratory

  • cutting machine Lobotom-5;
  • Electro-hydraulic press for hot pressing of samples CitoPress-1;
  • grinding and polishing machine LaboPol-5;
  • LOMO EC METAM microscope;
  • universal hardness tester Dura Scan 50;
  • microhardness tester ПМТ-3.

Blank production

Work type:
  • dye penetrant inspection method CM-15;
  • magnetic powder inspection (assembly UMM -100/5000).

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