Metallographic laboratory

Metallographic laboratory

High quality is assured through the determination of standards and the organization of quality control and compliance certification of import and export products.

It is a tool for analyzing the structure formation of metals and alloys.

Purpose: It is used to control of the macrostructure, microstructure and atomic-crystalline structure of metal parts.


Micro Hardness tester Dura Scan 50

It is used for measuring the hardness of metals and alloys on the Vickers scale and on the Brinell scale.

Cutting machine Lobotom-5

Labotom-5 is a high-quality table-top manual cut-off machine for 250 mm / 10" dia. cut-off wheels. It is especially designed to be used both in labs and production areas.

Grinding and polishing machine LaboPol-5

Machines for grinding, lapping and polishing. LaboPol-5 is suitable for laboratories handling a wide variety of materials.

Stand with reference data

It is used to determine the hardness of metals and alloys.

Metallographic microscope METAM RV-23

It is used for visual observation of the microstructure of metals, alloys and other opaque objects in reflected light under direct illumination in a light and dark field, as well as for the study of objects in polarized light and by the method of differential interference contrast

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