Blank Production

Blank Production

Production of blanks for their further processing in the main workshops.

Purpose: Manufacturing component blanks from structural, alloyed, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant steels, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys.


Hydraulic guillotine shears QC12Y-6x2500

It is used for cutting sheet material up to 20 mm thick and up to 3.2 m wide, steel strip, profile blanks, etc.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine ZNC-2100

It is a semi-automatic cutting machine, especially suitable for mass production of complex graphics with high requirements on precision and efficiency. Supporting plasma cutting and gas cutting, able to cut any complex flat graphic

Effective cutting range: 2100x6300 mm.

Miter Cutting Band Sawing Machine Julihuang H40/70

It is used for for the cutting and processing of both ferrous and non ferrous materials. Packaging reliable performance and high precision. Perfect for large capacity cutting applications.

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